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Taking web3
to the people

We connect the best of the present with the possibilities of the future.

What we do

Blockchain technology offers something groundbreaking: a new way to assert ownership in the digital world. It enables us to combine the freedom and easy access of the internet with permanence, transparency and a way towards fair compensation for original content creators.

Immortal is a Copenhagen based company that partners with influential individuals and institutions to create the future generation of entertainment platforms – with principles from web3.

We provide everything needed to launch a new web3 venture:

  • Necessary capital investments
  • Proprietary technology and technical specialists 
  • Studio for strategy, concept, content & marketing

Chess Champs

Chess Champs is leading the way in the web3 transformation of the world of chess. We unite the rich and exciting tradition of chess with the opportunities offered by emerging technologies.

In partnership with Play Magnus Group and Chess World Champion Magnus Carlsen, Chess Champs are providing the digital trophies for the Meltwater Champions Chess Tour for the second years in a row, making them unique digital collectibles for both the tournament winner, the sponsors and a lucky fan.

Chess Champs creates and distributes digital chess collectibles and tokens for future utilization in games and interactive experiences.

Go to chesschamps.io


Juneart.io is the first curated marketplace for contemporary art on the blockchain.

The platform is founded with a mission to give artists and collectors within the contemporary art scene the chance to explore NFTs in a space that is considered, curated and cared for.

We exclusively pick out artists who are internationally recognised, already counting artists such as David Robbins, Nicole Miller, Tobias Kaspar, Ken Kagami and Sidsel Meineche Hansen.

Throughout the year, we host exhibitions at the world’s most prestigious art fairs (Art Basel, the Venice Biennale, Frieze London etc.), and the artworks are presented both at the fairs and in our juneart.io marketplace.

Go to juneart.io

Flamingo Tattoo Club

Linking together the physical and virtual worlds, Flamingo Tattoo Club makes tattoo designs available for physical bodies and virtual avatars alike.

In a partnership with Tattoodo, Ami James and Reality+, Immortal realizes the potential of web3 for tattoos - both for tattoo lovers and artists.

Coming soon.

Road Code

Immortal enters into a strategic partnership with HBAR Foundation, the grants division of Hedera Network, and Reality+ for the formation of Road Code, a joint venture that seeks to evolve one of the most popular sports in the world - professional cycling.

Go to roadcode.cc

Press mentions

June Art

First NFT Platform in the Nordics

‘We are not addressing the “crypto art market.” We are selling contemporary art and the proof of ownership happens to be in the form of NFTs’, say the founders of Juneart.io.
Chess Champs

Chess Champs in NFT Zilla

One of the fastest growing news sites about cryptocurrency NFT Zilla made a long story about Chess Champs.
Chess Champs

Magnus Carlsen interviewed about Chess Champs in Cointelegraph

One of the world's largest news sites covering cryptocurrency interviewed Magnus Carlsen about Chess Champs and the tour
Chess Champs

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One of the world's best newsletters for in-depth news and insights about sports and NFTs NIFTY SPORTS reviews Chess Champs very positively
Chess Champs

Chess Champs on CNN

CNN was there for the launch of Chess Champs and interviewed World Champion Magnus Carlsen on his excitement about chasing the first ever NFT trophy in sports history.

What's next?

During 2021 NFT’s managed to demonstrate amazing potential. But it is a revolution in its infancy. We do our part to uncover the opportunities that are emerging. New projects are coming up, as well as new features and content for our existing projects.

Follow our channels to stay informed.